Our Story
Caribbean Sea Waves Is the Future

Caribbean Sea Waves is founded and managed by professionals who have more than two decades of experience in the Shipping Industry. Designing strategies that meet our customers'; individual and varied needs at a fair price is what our team does best. We go the extra mile in our relentless effort to strengthen ourselves by setting up performance reviews on all of our divisions to ensure we are on track to meet our set goals.

At CARIBSW, we offer custom-built forwarding solutions for heavy cargo that are consistent with the diverse needs of your project. With a focus of cost-efficiency and dependability, we aspire to keep our clients enlightened at every step. Our priority is the safe transportation of your cargo, and we have a broad network of agents present in almost every country to ensure that your needs are fulfilled, irrespective of where you are.

From the very start, we take the tough work out of your hands and the primary planning to pick up, transport and deliver exactly at the time and place you desire. We provide our clients with frequent updates regarding the progress of their goods and are always available to answer any queries.

Our policies ensure the security and superior condition of your shipments. We offer a diverse range of transportation preferences to match your needs, from light intensity to temperature and humidity control.

When you are ready to move your cargo around the world whether shipping from the United States, or shipping from the Caribbean, China, or Europe we can move everything from barrels to full containers. 


Logistics through innovation, dedication technology.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, effective and reliable logistics solutions. We believe in taking customer satisfaction to the next level by stepping into their shoes. This means we not only cater to their requirements but also conduct all their transactions as if they were our own. After all, their profits are the ultimate reflection of our success.


Our customers are the core of all our activities. We value high ethics, integrity and responsibility above all else. We are always ready to step up to a new challenge. Our success is driven by a dedicated and well-trained team. Sustainable financial performance motivates us. We are constantly looking for ways to up our game.

Our Mission

To be the Global Leader of Freights & Logistics

Caribbean Sea Waves
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